Import built in python packages error

I am new to UI path. I am running python script which contains one line
import numpy

Steps I followed in UI path.
1, Added UIPath.Python.Activities
2,Created new sequence
3,Python scope and added path to python.exe
4,Run python script activity and added file path.

It displays below error
“UIPath.Python.Host has stopped working”

I have python version 36 installed and package is available in virtual environment.
Kindly help.
Thanks in advance.

@kumarjagan07, i think you still need to install dependencies in this case Numpy on the local machine even though your python package is on a virtual environment. try that and see if it helps.

Thank you. I checked and numpy is available in my local machine also.


numpy might be installed in your virtualenv but does the UiPath activity use that virtualenv?

Yes, I added the virtual environment’s python.exe path in python scope activity.

Please tell what should I do to enable UiPath activity use that virtual env

As far as I know, you can’t out of the box.

I’m not familiar with neither VB or Windows and I can’t see a way to make a running UiPath process change an environment variable and use this updated environment for its activities.

Thank you.

Did anyone face this issue?

Yeah me too… exactly same.