Import Argument value disappear in new 2019.5 version of studio

Hey Team,

I installed version 2019.5 today. I can see there is update on invoke workflow activity .
The problem which i am facing is , everytime i put the value it disapper/ wipe out . Please find the screenshot below.

Can someone please help me it.
Thanks in advance.


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this worked for me try this
This post is by stevenchau_98

@stevenchau_98 sorry brother i didnot get your screen shot so i clicked of my own and that post really helped me

Hi @md.ahtesham

Yes of course, Buddy this is due to update made in invoke workflow activity, in 2019.5
and you were almost done
–in order to view the value of arguments we need to get the argument collection property of this activity in the property panel,
–and whenever we enter the value to these arguments we need to save the workflow
–Then only we can see the value been stored previously with arguments property, or we need to be enter again buddy

Hope this would help you
Cheers @md.ahtesham