Implicite conversion error

HI all,

I’m an starter with UIpath. I try to make the course level One. In practice excersize 3 i have some troubles. When i build to robot, it gives my the error Compiler error encoutered processing expression “Row (“First”)” implicite conversions not allowed by the option strict on.

Does somebody know how to repair this error/

best regards

@l.tersluijsen can u share ur screenshot of ur workflow. What error ur getting.

Dear Manjuts90

Thanks for the Quick Reply, when I made it againg to copy en past a screenshot the error disappeard. right now when I run the robot. I have the following error. it cannot find the Yes colonm

maybe you know what i Do wrong. if I check my Aswer with there robot the robot is completly different.

best regards.

Could you please share your workflow or the screenshot of your error? In which activity are you getting this error?