Implicit conversion

StrItemcolor.Trim.ToLower or “matte”+" "+StrItemcolor.Trim.ToLower
error message option strict on disallows of implicit conversion from string to long ??
how can i solve this problem pls help
Thanks & regards


May i know the data type for the variable and need more details on this.

If it possible upload your xaml and expected output details.


Pradeep Sridharan

it is string StrItemcolor.Trim.ToLower

xaml is quite large

What is the data type of stritemcolor?

Hi @arjuna

are you using this expression in an IF-statement?
If so you have to compare against something, so for example it could be -

StrItemcolor.Trim.ToLower = SearchedItemColor or ("matte " +StrItemcolor.Trim.ToLower = SearchedItemColor

Also I’m not sure why but the quotationsmarks around matte are wrong for me when I just copy your code.