Implicit conversion error in email Automation

I’m trying to send an auto reply emails. But,getting implicit conversion error.

I have tried to cover every possible info in a single pic.:yum:.

Any suggestion how can we resolve this particular error?


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adopt the datatype of MailCollector as below:

The datatype is same as what we have provided in for each properties.

please have a look on the datatype from my screenshot. it is a List(Of MailMessage)

Yes, got it.:v:

Thank you very much for putting your time. You are a life savier!

perfect, just do your final testing and if it is working you can close the topic by marking the solving post solution. Others can benefit from it. Thanks

I am getting another error now.

By default inbox folder I’m trying to access but still it is throwing me this error.

May I know what’s the reason behind this?

share with us the settings of get outlook Mail Messages


Please find below properties of get outlook mail message activity :-

  • give a try on removing the account from the options, Set on Mailfolder setting: "Inbox”
  • right click on local outtlook the inbox folder → Properties and verify the inbox name
  • in case of Account is used ensure correct form and format, it is case sensitive

I tried earlier this method. It’s not working.

still the option MailFolder and Account is set, after the values are carefuly cross checked (Name, Formats…)

We did it in different combinations (with/ without account / Localized Foldernames…) and got it working.

I have tried with or without account name. But still getting the same error.

Screenshot shows set Account And a folder not the inbox folder, so it is not representing what was mentioned above.

In case of another folder / subfolder is to use the correct folder path has to be set. And for this you can check the folder properties as described above

I was trying with other folders as well.

Without account name also I tried now but still the error is same.

I don’t know why am I getting this error. As far as I know it should have worked.