Implementing POM in automation - Is this a best practice?

In Selenium, I was following Page Object Model where the code related to UI are kept in a separate file, so that any changes in UI can be handled easily. I tried to implement the same in uiautomation, found it very useful. I divided the workflow into 2 files, one for UI and one for non UI related code. Any suggestions in this regard are welcome.


You are right @skini76 to implement page object model in UIpath for automating Web Application to reduce maintenance in updating dynamically changing Web Elements.

Hi Skini76. Can you please guide me with steps to implement POM in UiPath? Did you even had selectors and actions seperated out? I am planning something like selectors in one place, actions seperately and the Orchestration of actions seperately. Do you think that would work? Any example would really help. Thanks a lot!