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Hi Guys, @loginerror @Palaniyappan @ppr
I have a bot. I want to implement it on my website. I mean any visitor wants to run it then he can run it by just click a button. Is this possible then please let me know…


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If the bot needs to run on the user’s end then this cannot be done.

If you want any user to be able to trigger a bot that runs on one of your machines then you can trigger an api call to Orchestrator to start a bot with javascript tied to a button on your page.

Hi @DanielMitchell,
You wanted to understand me.

  1. Need Bot upload in Orchestrator
  2. Bot store in a machine where from run it
  3. on my website make a button. In button added orchestrator url.
    Any user if wants to run it by visiting my web and clicking on the button.

Do you have any demo or screen shot?

Thanks for your response

Did we try with click trigger activity

Say if you have a machine with robot installed in it and if any user gets into that machine and tries to access a button in that website then this click trigger would trigger the bot

Cheers @razu91

Hi @Palaniyappan, user or visitors can get access to the website not access for machine. How can it possible? Suppose I have a bot and website. So when visitors come to the website he will get a button like “click here to run” bot will run automatically when visitors click that button. Please suggest me.


If you feel that the answer is not given, then please clear in your question:

  • where is the bot executed (visitors machine, your server/machine)
  • what should the bot do / what is purpose of the demo

Hi @ppr, I have a bot. It works extract data from web and show to the visitor. So visitor can run the bot from a website like . In website have a button like click to run.
Suppose I am visitor. I navigate to this website. Now I am clicking on this button after clicking this button bot should be run and done the execution.

So the Bot should run at your server, right?

But keep 2 thins mind:

  • at your end one only 1 robot instance can be excuted, so if two users are triggering the bot on the same time and if only 1 robot instance is available, one of the users has to wait.

By question about the purpose is not fully answered. What is the motivation that you want to offer this?