IMAP taking too much time to execute

IMAP is taking too much time to load can we do specific. Like when we do “for each mail in messages” it takes the total inbox and takes alot of time (having a huge inbox and receiving tons of emails), can we do something that only fetches selected email id’s inboxes or something like that, more filtration to make it perform better.

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Could you please tell me what is the current configuration and requirement that is there ?


Hai @Arnab_Banerjee
u can fetch only unreaded mail by the via of select onlyunreadmessages in property panel of the IMAP.
And also get top first mails by top box. U can specify the values in that box as your wish.

No actually what I want is only to fetch last one hour emails. Not all inbox object. No “Top 100 or 200” all of them. Is there any efficient way? Thanks for replying

Refer this

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