Imap protocol to get email


I am using imap activity to get email, but if there are lot of email it gives me error on server disconnected. I think that can be a problem of limited connection to that server, is there a way to disconnect the connection to the imap server after the ge email?

thanks in advance for your help

Hello @marica_licciardello

Are you getting the error while get email activity is being executed or artet it is executed? I’m just trying to understand where you are getting this error

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Did we try with other Get mail activity like GET POP3 Mail activity
Is that giving out the same error

Cheers @marica_licciardello

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Sometimes before, and other times after the first mail is catches etc… Not always in the same part of the execution.
Thank you so much in advance

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I can try, but the customer gave me this configuration to set up the email.
Thanks in advance for your help

I’ve tried but doesnt work with IMAP

May i know what was the error you were actually getting when using IMAP

sorry I meant with the POP3… IT told me that he got welcome from IMAP SERVER, so cant use pop3 activity

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that is fine buddy
may i know the error you were getting on using IMAP in the beginning

This is the error

IMAP server has unexpectedly disconnected