IMAP activity is not recognizing BCC emails within the unread list

Unable to recogninze BCC emails using IMAP Mail Messages activity

Solutions at the target application end:

- Restrict at the target application level to don't allow to sent emails without having to address

- Enhancing the mail server architecture not to accept those emails without To address


Alternative solution

Attached a sample XAML that uses powershell script to get the Subject, Body and downloads the attachments to a specific folder.

In the attached Powershell script,you need to perform the below changes, so that the script works in your system


- Load DLL,change it to your user path

[Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFile("C:\Users\xxxx\.nuget\packages\imapx\\lib\net46\ImapX.dll") - kindly provide the path for your system


IMAPX pakage can be downloaded here

Ideally it should automatically download when you open the project in Studio if your connection to is open, else you can download it from the link and add it to Studio packages.


- Provide your own server name,port no, username and password in the workflow.

- Provide the file location to download the attachments in the powershell script,