IMAP Activities Fail

Why The GetIMAPMailMessage FilterExpression is by default set to ALL (to AND all the Criteria) but it does not appear to work if the Criteria includes SUBJECT and BODY, or SUBJECT and TEXT. It returns no matching email.

Issue Description:


"SUBJECT 41 BODY Citrix"

"SUBJECT 41 TEXT Citrix"

The email contains a number (41xxxxxx) in the subject and a specific word in the body. However, IMAP does not recognize the AND operator.

Root Cause: Wrong word in the subject IMAP line filter.

Resolution: Consider the below example


The filter used is:

  • "SUBJECT 4105214795 BODY Citrix"
  • "SUBJECT dunn BODY Citrix"

To use a correct filter, use a full word into the AND operator as mentioned in the above example.