ImagePullBack Error In Airgapped Installation

How to fix the Docker registry access issue from agent nodes?

Resolution Steps

  1. Ensure that the docker registry pod is running and if not troubleshoot the same.
  2. If the docker registry pod is running try to access the same docker registry (default hostname localhost:30071) from the affected nodes and see if the connection is established.
  3. if the connection is established and still failing, possibly the image is not available. Create a support ticket for such scenarios.
  4. If the connection fails, try the below steps

It is possible that the issue is with the iptables

# Run this command on all agent nodes

ethtool -K flannel.1 tx-checksum-ip-generic off

# Then restart rke2-canal daemonsets from a server node

kubectl -n kube-system rollout restart ds/rke2-canal

- Restart the rke2-agent.service. that should solve the registry access issue.

systemctl restart rke2-agent

If the issue still persists, generate a support bundle and create a case with UiPath support team.