Image with border

I am trying to create a html code where i am inserting image from my local pc with align center and border(grey)

Using send outlook activity with isbodyhtml property enable i am able to get images but when border attribute is added image displays black.

Please help me with this

Hello @km81

Can you try with Create HTML Content activity to create the html format? After that you can use it in the send Email activity.


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When i am trying in W3schools html editor it works but when i run UiPath it is not working.

only if i add border attribute i am getting this error

In Create Html Content activity you can set the border as below. It should work.

Change the border value.


@Rahul_Unnikrishnan again i am facing the same issue image in html body is coming in black

Can you try with an another image and have you watched the video that I have shared?


I have tried other images also but still i am facing the issue.

Pls help me with this

Hi @km81 ,

Could you let us know some more details of the test that you have performed ?

Are you checking the emails in a web browser ? Have you tried checking in Outlook application ?

Also as an alternate, Could you try by checking the below post, It embeds the image by converting it into base64 format and there are other options also. Since the image is a local file, I believe it is not able to be rendered in the destination side.

Let us know after you have checked with the other options as well.

I am using Microsoft 365 Outlook desktop application.