Image Validation from multiple images


I am working on a process that checks a set of URLs for validation.The process involves navigating each URL and to check whether a particular error message has been encountered or not.Say for example page not found,access denied and so on.What currently i am thinking is i can go through each page and once i land on that page i can use image automation to check which error i have encountered.What i am interested in knowing is can i put all the validation images in a folder and then click a web page and validate against all the images of the folder ?
by doing this i want to ensure that in future more images get added i will not have to do code changes.


You can use HttpWebRequest to do this.

Refer the below link for a code to extract html form


Can you please explain in more details if possible ?

Have you checked the code? I can clarify if you have any specific doubts regarding the code.