Image or Element Exists not ok

Hi brothers!
Please, help me! I need take decision affter if the image or element appear on the page or not apppar on de page. I used the activity Elements Exists, but my bollean variable, alwals retorn True.

My bot search and check if exists archive in the google drive. If ok, retorn the link for archive, but if not ok, retorn the msg in my sheet “archive not found”.

Hi @Leandro_Vieira

If the attached image is the escenario in which the file does not exist, I suggest to use the below element to identify the “Archive not found”

Additional recomendation: Make sure you include part of the displayed text on your selector (e.g. aaname=‘Nenhum de seus*’), in that way you can diferentiate your element to identify from another elements on the page.


use find element activity to achieve this scenario