Image not found in Studio

Hi, I’m have a problem when run in studio suddenly robot cannot found the image because before this the robot run smoothly.

I using click image and image below is the properties :

How to overcome this issue? Thank you.


is it stable image color or size?
Anyway, I am not recommended to use the click image activity
If could you use a hotkey to click on the image, it’s good

Resolution might have changed. Use hotkey or computer vision activities instead

What environment is it where you are running this bot?

If that is native desktop then avoid using click image activity as it has volatile accuracy. It takes a lot of tweaks and trying in different resolution to generate click image activity that works almost 100% of the times.

Try changing resolution and validating the correctness of the activity and tweak accordingly
Change the resolution of the system where the robot runs as per the resolution where robot works fine.

If that is a Citrix environment, then consider to try for Citrix Automation or computer vision activities.