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Hello Team @Palaniyappan @loginerror,

We (@abhay @sagaryeole) have automated an mailer process in which i have used images in body of email with hyperlinks (i.e. Facebook,Instagram etc Icon with Links).
I have used Base64 and ContentId methods for attaching images in body.But i have observed that the mails which are in same domain/server are able to see those Icons of Facebook,Instgram and so on. But outside domain/server unable to see those icons.
I am sending mail by using SMTP server (Server & Port:465)
I am able to see those icons in body in same domain/server say For my corporate internal email ids. But when i tried to send it outside my corporate server say in gmail id’s or other Corporate Circle , Mail sent successfully but images/Icons are not visible.

Here is ScreenShot for outside Circle: from To

For Internal Circle: From abc@Cor1.Com To

Here we have tried on to : Successful to : Unsuccessful

Note: I want to send mails using SMTP only.

Hi @ImPratham45,
Have you checked of gmail is not blocking images from “unknown addresses” by default? Sometimes there is a popup message saying “Show images for this email” or something like that.

Hi @Pablito Thanks for the reply,

Yes we had checked gmail settings, it is not blocking those image contents and also there is no pop up for same.
Also we unable to view those icons in outlook for sender from different corporate ID.

Seems that this is proble with gmail by itself. Take a look here:

But we are facing same issue with outlook for different Corporate ID’s.

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Please check this site where everything about image embedding has been described well.

So again, seems that it’s not an UiPath issue that those images are not working.

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