Image Helper Activites / Get Color


For anyone interested - my fork of community activities with image helpers can be found here:

The one activity that’s currently available was inspired by this topic. Current focus was to set the repo up “correctly”. Feedback much appreciated :slight_smile:
There’s still work to be done there for sure.

Plans for near future:

  • Setup - Go through project/sln files and check if everything is setup correctly for building (probably not - wouldn’t mind a helping hand here)
  • Setup - Update readme
  • Future proof - Add tests
  • Expand - Add recognizing dominant colors on Image (or portion of it), to help find errored fields in Citrix automation (Edit: actually… that’s already done now in 0.4…)

Hope it will be useful for someone, at least as a reference material.

For ease, here’s the current working version (0.4) and a sample project: (118.9 KB)
Community.ImageHelpers.Activities. (9.2 KB)