Image Exists Activity Doesn't Work as Expected

Hey guys,

My project is catching a blue or orange colored square shape on a web page and only inside specific area.

As you can see at my project screen, i used ‘image Exists’ activity for my purpose,

My purpose is catching the square shape → image at specific zone (the area indicated by the black frame)

The shape image size is 27X27 pixel so i created a shape with exact color via paint and save it as png format. Then I loaded this created image to image exists activity, output var: imgsonuc

Then i set of ClippingRegion option as desired coordinates in ‘Image Exists’ preferences panel,

When i execute, the result is’True’,

However when i change clipping region coordinates to any empty zone the result is still ‘True’
but i expect it must be ‘False’,

I can’t use element exist activity due to square shapes are not recognized as an UiElement by Uipath. Seems like there isn’t any alternative way to catch this squares at specific region,

I m stuck at this phase, please assist me guys :frowning:

Sorry for my grammer i hope i described my problem clearly,

Best Regards,

Try different Accuracies and different Profiles. Also, it’s better to click the Image Exists activity and let it get the image from the screen rather than creating an image like you did. There are going to be differences not apparent to the naked eye.

Get a screenshot at the first, then cut a square shape from the screenshot, then execute agein with differen clipping regions and Accuracy,

The result is the same :frowning:

Let the activity get the image. Don’t mess with the image.

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