"Image Exists" activity - Bot recognizes image even when it does not exist

I am building a workstream based off an image. I used an “Image Exists” activity and outputted it to a variable. I then used an assign tool to assign the boolean variable to TRUE.

After this I added an if statement where if the variable exists, it should run sequence #1 , but if the image does not exist it should run sequence #2.

My problem is my bot ALWAYS runs sequence #1, even when the image does not exist. Could this be an issue with the program I am getting the image from?
I’ve tried using different Accuracy settings but I still get the same result. I’ve tried using a different images from the program and still get the same result. Any feedback or suggestions would be really helpful. Thank you!

Can you attach your workflow??



I am having this same issue - I need the bot to detect if the ‘Other’ box is ticked or not - If it is not, then an IF statement will tell it to click and ‘tick’ the box. But regardless of if it is ticked or not, the bot always detects the image as ‘True’

Any ideas/Help?



in image image exists activity try increasing the Accuracy in property Image > Accuracy


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Can you post the workflow or the image which you have selected ?

Thanks! I originally had increased the accuracy but once I increased further, the problem was solved!