Image Exist don't work!

i tryed your software but go and don’t go… it’very unstable…sometime find the image and sometime don’t find the image… how i can work with these problems??
i use this version stable 2017.1.6309 microsoft windows 10 home 64 bit .net 4.0.30319.42000
There’re also problems when i try image exist when i test with if sequence with boolean test, to test if an image exist or not!!

Thanks a lot,

Image Exists has been a feature of this software for a long time so it definitely works correctly. Things that can throw out the image exists checks are the following:

  1. Too high accuracy required? Play around with the accuracy level
  2. Backgrounds on icons - i.e. the image is actually quite different when hovered over
  3. Other small changes to the image

Please retry and also check out the tutorials online for further reference.


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To add to what Richard said:

If you’re working with RDP sessions, sometimes it can happen that the view doesn’t refresh properly or has artifacts (similar to a streamed video, since it is functionally similar to one). In that case there’s no fault of a robot, since the image simply isn’t displayed correctly.

It is also worth noting that things displayed on local machine and through RDP do not look the same. You can test it by opening something in same resolution locally and in RDP, take screenshots of both and zoom in heavily. It’s especially visible with text. Locally letter borders will be sharp, while from RDP version if you go pixel by pixel you’ll see that they are smoothed and most of the pixels aren’t even black, just different shades of gray.

One last thing that comes to mind is to remember that scope cascades. If you’re working inside AttachWindow/Browser or ElementScope and the image is outside of it, it will not be found. Some activities (SetClippingRegion f.e.) also change the “viewport” that the robot is looking through and if used incorrectly may lead to unexpected results.

I can also attest that ImageExists (and FindImage etc.) does work - we’re using it on a daily basis where required. It had some issues in the past with Timeout not registering, but that didn’t impact it’s accuracy.


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 Dear andrzej.kniola ,

yes you’re right, i try to work with image exist with the ATTACH BROWSER command…so you tell me that don’t work… can you give me another working example? how i can work around this problem?? any ideas?? Other instructions??? Thanks a lot…
Because i need to test with an if, if the image exist or not on screen and do something, of course i have tryed with boolean variable…and also i can’t find anywhere video or what other examples.Thanks again,