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Hi all,

I am trying to download quotes images from brainy quotes .com site and want to give input that how many files I need to download. Not able to save other images .

Please guide.

Thank in advance

hi @Amit2

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Would need a bit more info on the same… Can you please let us know if you have any place with the number of pictures available ? It would be great if we can have access to what you are extracting exactly as well :slight_smile:

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May i know from how this process is done manually so that we can replicate the same with uipath activities
Cheers @Amit2

As others pointed out, more details would be useful for a more accurate reply, but here’s a sample that downloads quote images from that website: (271.7 KB)


Hi Mateus,

Thanks for your reply. I think you are close enough to solve my query.

Step 1. Want to give input how many images to download from website
step 2 . Login to url
step 3 , save number of images given in input to local folder (“userpath”) with dynamic name like image1, image2 and so on.
I have seen this type of automation in youtube but not able to find that again

Thanks all for your suggestion and will appreciate if anyone of you can share the program.


The sample that I attached does exactly that! :sweat_smile:

Thanks but not able to see any input or login activity there. If possible can you share the program . Or share the link where I can see the program

Is there anyone who can help me out this