Image Based Automation: How to handle dynamic text

I have a scenario where member ID(unique ID) will be popped up after submitting the form. I need to capture that text using OCR(as it is a citrix application).

Please help on this.

I have tried with scrape relative feature. I could not get the results I wanted and confused about this feature. Can anyone help me in understanding this feature and steps to do with the above scenario. I have read the documentation and could not understand completely.


what issues are you facing while using scrap relative?

  1. I am unable to understand how this feature is diffferent from normal screen scrapping.

  2. Is this feature meant for the kind of the sceanrios I mentioned above(Using static text to capture the dynamic text).

Screen Scraping scraps the entire text from the region which you have selected and Scrap relative will scrape the text depending on the static element which you have mentioned while using this feature.