Image activities failed in Virtual environment

Hi All,

I have process having image activities and process in virtual environment it is working fine when i trigger this process manually from the studio but not working when process is scheduled why job scheduler as unattended.

Please help me in this scenario. Thanks for help in advance

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No worries
Make sure the screen in maximized
for that use Maximize Window activity as the first activity in the sequence so that the window is maximized and the images will be visiable and the bot will identify it

Cheers @sandipauti

@Palaniyappan - Maximized activity is already in place and process working fine when manually trigger from the studio but not working when trigger the process using scheduler and unattended.

Hope we are accessing elements and if so kindly try once with COMPUTER VISION activities instead of image activities to access elements

Cheers @sandipauti

@Palaniyappan - I am checking images and click on specific images once particular image find.

Add some delay before the activity where we are identifying the image
Cheers @sandipauti