Image Activities are not working in different systems?

Hi all,

I have developed a bot that clicks on certain images on screen and it works fine in my desktop for all kind of inputs. But when i try to run the same bot in a different system its not able to identify the images that appear on screen.

**The selectors for the click activities are valid in both the systems the error that comes is image nor found, even if its present in screen.

**The font remains the same in both systems yet its not identifying them. When I re-capture the image from second system it works.

Can some one let me know why, image activities like click image image exist on image vanish etc… do not work on other systems. it would be difficult then to run the bot on different systems.

Thanks in advance


Image activities are based on the resolution of machine, so check that

If they are same, try to adjust the accuracy from properties too

Hope this helps you


@Srini84 Thank u for the replay to which accuracy should i set in properties?

Now they are . 8 should i cahnge to 1?


Try to change and check, as i said the resolution should match between the machines

You can lower or higher and check, If not working then you have to recapture the images

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I understand that resolution is a point, if we change the accuracy of the images to 1 will it work in all the desktops with different resolution?

Any other things we need to change?


Changing accuracy some times fixes the issue

That’s all we can try

else recapture the images in the machine which is not working

Hope this clears you



When I set the accuracy to 1 in my desktop its not able to identify the image it returns image not found. But if i set it to .5 also it is identifying it. Do u know why this happens?