I'm unsure exactly what I did wrong on my certification

Check TransactionItem Varaible and arguments data type to be the correct one,
Please make sure you’ve read the statement of the exercise and clearly understood it and also used the proper URL and credentials for ACME,
Please make sure you’re using the proper selector while you’re working with the webpage.,
Please make sure you’re not using any hardcoded values in non-xaml files.,
Please make sure you’re using the most optimal and correct way of interacting with your queue items.,
Check for validation of correct items

These are the criteria I apparently failed. There were three things that prevented the code from working that I couldn’t test as Orchestrator was down when I tested (had to move the order of when to navigate to dashboard, and comment out the get assets in both InitAllSettings as it errors out since the only asset available is a credential). But I’m unsure where I failed on the rest of these, discounting hardcoded values (no orchestrator, couldn’t grab credentials)

ReFrameWork_Certification.zip (1.7 MB)