I'm unable to edit some fields in the StudioX scenario after UiPath updates

Hello. After a couple of UiPath updates, I found UiPath not able to edit some fields in one StudioX scenario - see image.

In Studio it works for me. Other scenarios in StudioX also work for me.

Do you know why I can’t edit this particular scenario in StudioX?

Thank you.

Hi @pcman21 ,

We need a couple of things here to investigate this further:

  • What version of Studio are you currently on?
  • Just to clarify, in the red square, this is where you are expecting to see the plus sign, is that correct?
  • Does the same issue happen on a blank Task?


Thank you for your reply.

  • Version: StudioX 2023.4.0-beta.12241 - 3/16/2023, Community License, Per-user Installation, License Provider: Orchestrator, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, 6.0.15
  • Yes for the red markings I expect a plus. Not even a double click in the box works.
  • I have now discovered that the problem is in the if module. Else if module works. More in the picture.

Thank you very much for the additional information provided. We’re currently investigating it and will provide an update here.

We’ve added the fix to this issue in the 23.4 Stable Release:

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