I'm trying to label all the values from the loop in the inputdialog, but I can't help

test.xaml (8.8 KB)

I’m using foreach to get only the file names, as in the image above, but I only get the output one by one.


What are you trying to display in the input dialog?

All of the files names or just one, from your picture, your input dialog will only display the last file file name in the list?


There are 10 files… Only 1 file is displayed on the inputdialog label.I hope you can help.

Do you want to display all 10 files underneath each other like


If so, when you assign strFileName, you need to concatenate them. With a new line.

I.e. Assign strFileName = strFileName + split(…) + Environment.Newline


strFileName+Split(item.ToString,"").Last.ToString+ Environment.Newline
Do this. It’s okay to come out line by line… Text comes off. How do you do this?

That is a limitation of input dialog window max lines-

are you trying to get the user to select one of the files from the list as input?
like below?

Options Input