"I'm not Robot" having validation error by google while using data mining on web

The thing is I want search some propertys on booking.com and I’m reading that data from one excel sheet and puting it in google search and taking the name of property with city name if existing…In this scenario after some records I found that google was asking if you “not robot” click here.

So please help to resolve this issue
Thank you.

But… you are a robot! :sweat_smile: Google is smart enough to keep calling you out.

You could try using an incognito mode and restart the browser as soon as the error appears, but I think Google will keep asking for validation. You could also use Bing and hope that they don’t ask for validation as quickly.

Hope that could help me out…:blush:
Anyone expert please🙏

And I’m already tried with incognito so it’s not working may b Bing will help me out