I'm not getting the desired result. I know that, the task is very simple. But, I'm not getting the result

The objective of this Sequence is to find, the maximum and minimum value in the array. I’m facing a lot of issue in finding the output. Please, help me out. Your help is highly appreciated.

Thank you,

What’s behind the Drop Activity Here? If index is not part of the ForEach row, you need to set index = 0 before the loop and increment it by one at the end of the loop, e.g. index = index + 1

Another way is to modify the Foreach to look like this:
ForEach index in Enumerable.Range(0, Array.Count)

If your Foreach looks like this:
ForEach item in Array

Then you can just replace all Array(index) with item instead, e.g:
If item > max_value Then
max_value = item