I'm not able to unselect Image when choosing a Right click Menu Item

As you can see the image… I want to select Teamcenter after I RIGHT CLICK.

I want to unselect Image in the right corner of the screen.

Problem is when I click on the check mark… my Right Click Menu disappear and my target is not found. I think my application should not respond but it is responding to clicks make in the UIpath window here…

whats the solution here?
You can see the Teamcenter written in the Image has Yellow highlight… before I hover on the menu, there is no highlight hence it is not able to find teamcenter so I wanna remove the Image part. @sbotan

Hello @KD11

Do you just want to right-click on the TeamCenter button? Is that what you are trying to do?

Also, can you change it into category help instead of the feedback.

I’m right clicking on the white space… then out of the 4 options that appear… i click on teamcenter… then using another click activity… i finally click on Revise

clicking on Revise is my final goal

@KD11 Got it. Did you tried recording these steps using App/Web recorder?. Also to hold the recording (even in activities) can you use F2 and select the required data.

Usinf recorder you can easily capture these many clicks.

If any issues, please update here.

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thanks recording sounds like a good idea… will implement right now…

I’m creating a new topic for another issue… i hope you comment
thanks again

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Press F3 to select the click postion.