I'm keeps on getting error when i try to submi a ticket in Contact https://www.uipath.com/company/contact-us/licensing-queries-activations

Hi UiPath,

For some reason I can’t create ticket for my inquries.

I’m keep on getting this error below:

Is the uipath Contact Licensing Queries & Activations (uipath.com) still active?

thanks and Regards,


that website is the correct one. Seems some issue at your end with data that’s being submit. But again, that should show the exact error of something is wrong in the input

@loginerror @Pablito → can you please check this?

Not sure why,

its also recognized the activation key I input

Please advise and let me know



Clear browser cookies and then try once.

If still issue persists then try it in some other browser.

HI @aapostol,

Please try what @lakshman suggested.

Additionally, sometimes it happens due to the file you are trying to upload as it only accepts particular set of files with defined size limit for uploads. Try uploading in zip format etc.

So would suggest having a check on that section as well.


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