Im getting total 12 matches numbers from the regex but i only want the even number

Hi all i only need the numbers comes from second like only even numbers to get?

Hi @sathish_Kumar6

Loop through the 12 matches in a for loop

in the for loop properties there is property index create a int32 type variable(var1) and assign to it

Then use a if condition inside

(Var1 mod 2) = 0

On then side
You will have all odd set
On else side
You will have all even set


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i understand but what is var1 mod 2=0?


That is modulo division basically the remainder when we divide

So what i am checking is the var1 when divide by 2 is remainder equals zero. if remainder is zero then its even else its odd


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Hi @sathish_Kumar6,

What about this workflow


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Thank u so much for your efforts :heart_eyes: @RajKumar_DC

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understood and Thank you so much anil for the reply :heart:

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