Im getting one number from excel then putting into search box then it will show similar matches but it has to click on the number that i have i tried to pass the variable in selector but the error message shows like this

Try Selecting Second Occurrence of Searched Element and see what value it is giving as Table row in Strict selector.

table value showing 4 in strict selector bro

Than Increment Counter by 2 in .xmal file Counter=Counter+2.

dont know how to do it bro…im really sorry bro

In Test.xaml file I have Increment Counter in Assign Activity → Counter=Counter+1.
Chnage it to Counter=Counter+2.

bro i never tried the while loop method…cuz i have never worked with this scenario before im all new to this, but ill try to undertand if u could ellobrate…or else just tell me what can i do to deal with just only for this strict selector

Can you share your .xaml file for this Code?

okay bro im fresher who is joined a company… recently like 10 days gone… so im hesitant to share…but ill try

Are you Currently using loop Or Are you Doing it by giving static value to Selector Like Table row=‘2’ or Table row={{Counter}}?.

sorry for the late reply bro…im not using any loop bro…i only for loop to get various number values from excel to put in web page and do screen scrape…then need to store in same excel…im giving static value to the strict selector and table row value as 2 bro

Than Giving value of Table row=‘4’ in Strict selector bot will select Second Occurrence of Searched element.

umm ok bro thanks will try that

bro i tried passing value 4 in strict selector…but it didnt click bro…plz help

should i indicate and validate this ?

Not Necessary, But if its still not working than Indicate again and Validate Element.

tried bro but i dont know where exactly to click and validate

Click on Second Occurrence of Searched Element using Click Activity.
Open Selectors in Ui Explorer and than select aaname and innertext as variable.
and than validate Element.

Make sure to pass default value to variable.

Let me know if you have any query.