I'm doing oracle testing automation but if we get app exception for relaunching application it's taking 15mts

Hi Team,
If I get application exception while doing oracle desktop testing automation it’s relaunching but application will take 15mts time for relaunching do we have any other way of we got application exception


If there is a home button or so you can try clicking it


No Anil, we don’t have home button to go back we need to click on back options

Do we have any other option to handle this kind of issue


if you dont want to logout or close or kill then either home or back should be done


Implement exception handling in your test code to detect errors in your application and take appropriate action. For example, you can add a mechanism to restart the application only in the event of certain errors, which may be temporary.

Thank you for your response ya I’ve implemented exception handling but for restarting app it’s taking time and we don’t have any home button functionality when we get app exception. I think u got my question now ? Plz suggest me if u gt solution

If you don’t have home button functionality, it may be useful to consider alternative exception management methods. One approach you might consider is using a dialog box or toast message to notify the user of the error and offer options, such as restarting the application. You can implement this by adding appropriate exception handling and user interaction code in the appropriate place in your application.
Hope this helps you find a solution for your problem. If you have any more questions or need more help, don’t hesitate to ask!