I'm attempting to replace an email value with "nothing" or null, in a web form

I’ve searched the resources and can’t find anything on this. I’ve wound up down a path where I’m using ‘type into’ and using a string variable whose default value is “Nothing” and I’ve added that to “” or double quotes which also represents nothing. Still, I’m getting a null value exception. Any suggestions?

Why you want type “” or null? If you want to replace you can use replace method. If your want to remove you can use remove method for your input string, use typeinto to type “” doesn’t make any sense :neutral_face::confused:

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So, I’m modifing a website form field for email address, as you would if you wanted to remove the email address from a ‘SalesForce’ Contact or a ‘SAP’. In this case I’m doing this for a number of Contacts for whom we have bad email addresses. I’m using an audit spreadsheet to do from that we’ve identified the email address is incorrect or old. After attaching the spreadsheet and using a for each row instruction, I’m looking up the individuals whose are on the list. from their contact form there is field like name address phone number, and one for email address. If I was doing this by hand I would simply delete what is in the field and save it. I’m having difficulty understanding how to identify the field and erase the email address. ‘Type into’ allows you to target the field. Looked at the replace method but that didn’t seem appropriate.

Hi @WarrenBowman,

Without digging into the exception, what if you just do what you said you’d do by hand? Use the Send Hotkey activity and send del using the selector of the form field as the target then save.

The only problem you might run into is if that form field is a required field.

Just a thought.


In the type into your workflow fails with this error? or the error is related to the application?
I tried it and it dosent seem to throw any errors.

image image

Can you try assigning Nothing instead of “” (dosent make any difference actually)
Also to remove when you typeinto check the property EmptyField as checked so that it will remove the data already present there and then type Nothing

Good suggestions I’ll try them and get back to you

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Sending a series of hot keys “Control Shift END” and then DELETE, erased the email address. However, I had to Follow up by moving into another field and sending Hot Keys to let the page think your taking action in a second field to get it to acknowledge the edit. Without jumping to another field it continued to think the field was still populated. So it wasn’t enough to delete the reference.

Still I had success. Thanks to all for your suggestions. Yea!

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