I'm an ancient user who needs help 😅

As mentioned on my previous post, I’m one of those who used UiPath a few years ago (way back when UiPath was not orange :eyes:, we were only Blue!)

I came back to UiPath in 2021 because my boss needed some automated tasks, and I remembered UiPath’s RPA being top-notch :ok_hand:

Anyhow, I just finished designing a process, and I thought my next step should be connecting it to the Orchestrator? (I’m not sure about this, tbh, my goal is executing the process without needing to open StudioX and clicking the “Run” button)

But when I log into my cloud account, it says that I have 2 of 2 attended users, and 2 of 0 developer users. (screenshot1 for reference)

I want to fix this, but I don’t know how to go about un-assigning those users.

I tried going into Admin>Licenses, and there’s a yellow pop-up warning me again about my license allocation, but the “Learn More” hyperlink goes to a 404 (screenshot 2 for reference)

Thanks in advance for your time and help! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

hello try this

another option is to use a bat script

@echo off

:: Note: Change Username and APP Version in FolderUiRobot

set FolderUiRobot = “C:\Users\Edenilson\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-21.2.0-beta0044\UiRobot.exe”

set FolderProject = “C:\Temp\MyRPA\project.json”

echo Robot is Running

“%FolderUiRobot%” execute --file “%FolderProject%”

open the notepad, paste this text, and save it as start_rpa.bat

#start rpa with bat script