Ignoring reading mail on particular days

Hi Team,
I will receive a mail with particular subject on every day but I want to ignore those mails on Sunday and Monday.Any idea how can we do this

@ndivya So Currently, the bot is reading mails on all days. But you want to the bot to read the mails on all days Except Sunday and Monday, Right?


@ndivya You can use this Expression in an if Condition to Check which day is today:
Now.DayOfWeek.ToString=“Sunday” or Now.DayOfWeek.ToString=“Monday”

Then you can perform your Steps Accordingly.

How we will get the day like Sunday or Monday from mail?we will get in date format right

@ndivya ok, Can you tell me the Date Format that you get in Mail, we can Convert it into Day of the Week Format. Also will the Date be present in the Subject or the Body of the mail?

They will not mention explicitly any where in Subject or Body of mail,Based on the mail received i need to identify the Day.It will be in below format


@ndivya We can get the Mail message Date in this way :

where msgs is a variable of the type List(Of Mail message).

Check if that Date matched the Date Received in mail