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The data I marked is constantly changing. Is there a situation where I can ignore this data? For example, we put * in Selector and run it for all values. Is it possible to do such a thing?


Hi @MrKezay,

There are different ways to achieve this.

1 way I can think of right away is using Contains() function instead of Equals().

In contains function, mention just the static part which you want to verify and leave the rest(dynamic) part.

This should work.


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Hi @MrKezay ,

Use contains instead of using equals like below
CurrentRow("Adjusted words").ToString().Contains("You have reached the maximum number of available jobs section refreshes per hour.The next refresh will be possible in")


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Thank you @sonaliaggarwal47 and @arivu96


Another good option if you don’t want to or cannot use String.Contains is using the LIKE operator! In such statements wildcards are allowed.

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Thank you @lukasziebold ,
It had never occurred to me to use the Like operator.

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