IFS 'Save as'

Hi, I have been working with IFS for a while and what annoy me is when you get to use ‘Save as’, at the bottom, in the Output tab. As the tab can be open or closed and the selector will still show as working for the save button, so causing multiples issues.

Is there a way to use the button regardless of the Output tab? Like invoking a code or somethings.

Is there also a easy ways without opening Output tab to see if the CSV option is created to export the report?

My ways to do it at the moment:

Try catch:
Click Save as
if error:
send hotkey CTRL+3 (open Output table)
Click Save as

Hi @MaxyArthes

Are you referring to IFS browser ?

IFS entreprise explorer, the application that you open with a browser link

Hi @MaxyArthes

Have you try save… I am assuming there is no need for output tab so probably it will save to a default location and maybe a default filename.

Before saving to default folder location and maybe default filename, try Delete File activity [Continue on Error set to True]. After save to default folder location and maybe default filename, try Move File activity to rename default folder location and filename to your preferred folder location and filename.