IfError Formula in excel

Want to write this formula for entire column A.
=IF([@Acct]=“abcd product”,“Unauthorized”,IFERROR(LEFT([@Status],FIND("[",[@Status])-2),[@Status]))

Can anyone suggest me activities ? I want to use VB .net code by invoke code. I am not sure how to create that.

Hi @pari_patel ,

Please find the below code and make sure highlighted package is installed in your machine
WriteFormula.xaml (6.1 KB)

Pass parameters to invoke code

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Thanks for sharing but it says End of expression expected (Compiler error). Can you try with my formula? And help me to findout issue?

Can you share me dummy excel file with having this formula in one of the cell ?


Book1.xlsx (44.5 KB)
Attached Dumy Excel.

Task: Formulas in row 3 (to review)
1) Need to write formulas in entire column.
Column V to AE. (All columns formulas are different)

2) For Column AB and AD… In the formula… there are cell number changing.

Not: Entire excel is formulated and depends on the different sheets.

Help me to do a code.


First try to use formula as it is , if it’s working fine for one cell then let me know what values you want to pass dynamically in formula?

Test.xaml (4.2 KB)

This Test.xaml is blank. I am not able to write formula in entire column.

May be i have shared wrong file.

Test.xaml (7.2 KB)

Not working. In argument can you try to pass formula from my excel? Cell V3. I am not able to do that.