If Wifi Connection Is Lost

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In my project, I have a process wrapped in a parallel activity where there are two sequences. The first one is the normal process that the robot should run. As for the second, I have created a check app state with infinite timeout in case the Wifi connection is suddenly lost for whatever reason, it should automatically reconnect at any time. However, after the bot clicks on the globe icon 2023-04-09_200236 on the taskbar, in the window that pops up to select a Wifi connection, there is no selector that can identify any element. I tried in Auto, AA, UIA with CV, Native Text and Hoverable Elements. Nothing can be found so I can’t click on the Wifi connection. Is there an alternative and perhaps a better way for achieving this?


You can use invoke power shell script or a bat file to connect to reconnect with wifi

Here is a starter help


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Thx @Anil_G will check it out.

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