If variable is exist on the web, how to get the data of from its link!

I do not know what activities should use for my workflow, if somebody has time.Please teach me !
i explained the work flow in Excel

1.i use text exist activity .After it, i have no idea what next actvities should be used.
if the text exist and its IF conditions is True, yes it will click the third column of the link.
The problem here is, that table on the web can not data scrap correctly!:frowning:

Thank you so much in advance.

  1. Get OuterHtml or InnerHtml by Get Attribute Activity
  2. Parse HTML by using HttpAgilityPack Lib (Reference : https://html-agility-pack.net/)
    after then make datatable or some collection from parsed datas.
    (you can extract text and link info etc)
  3. check data and move link

good luck!

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Where can i find example of Parse HTML by using HttpAgility Pack. The reference does not work.
Thank you so much

If you want to use HtmlAgilityPack in Uipath, You can install HtmlAgilityPack first, and then import HtmlAgilityPack namespaces.

Reference : AgilityPack을 이용한 웹 크롤링