If the maximum number of retries is reached, how the io_RetryNumber and io_TransactionNumber will be set

please explain

if max retries is reached
io_retryNumber will reset to 0,
io_transactionNumber will increment by 1, because we want to go to the next transaction

e.g. if we are looping an excel table and we’re at row 1,
if row1 fails 3 times , we will increment io_transactionNumber so that we can process row 2,
and reset retryNumber to 0

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Hi @Akbar_Badhusa ,

Could you Check the RetryCurrentTransaction workflow, the Flow Decision activities are used to Check if the Retry Number is reached the Maximum limit. If reached it is reset to 0.
The Transaction Number will increase by 1, so that it will move on processing the next transaction.


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