If the invalid page appear go to next

im developing a flow for Whatsapp messages for event based on spreadsheet contact nos,
in one condition im using if the No dows not exists it go to next number like that for that im using If condition if contact no is exist please send message if contact number not available web whatsapp showing invalid url like the error message for that i need to give a condition. Please help to provide condition
Error Screenshot and UiPath xml file attached for your referenceWhatsapp.zip (237.3 KB)

Change th Number column Value in the below image Format:

+91 xxxxxxxxx

Vishnu N

whatsapp web automatically take + i need a help for if its invalid no at that time close the window and go for next row if its valid no go for activity that condition i need to use. kindly help how to use that activity


Write the condition like this -
if (row(1).ToString.IsNullOrEmpty){
sopln(“contact number is not available”);


try with Element Exist
OR Image Exist Activity
to check the site is loaded or not
Using the Output From the activity
we can make condition

link the above Image

Vishnu N