If text exists in bolean - do X or Y

I have a nice process where UiPath checks for clients applications in our business software. But I hit some issues that I’m hoping that you guys can help me with.

First issue:

I have a rather large workflow that runs until no more applications from clients are avalible in the list.

But this is run daily and sometimes the list is empty from the beginning. I have tried to use Text exists which allows me to create a boolean called “again”. So far so good. Then I want an IF action where two things could happen:

  1. if the word “again” appears within the boolean it should just carry on

  2. if the word “again” doesnt appear within the boolean called “again” it should terminate the complete process (to try again the next day) after first shutting down the business application.

What exactly should it say in the IF condition? I can’t seem to get it to work.

My second problem is that I’m within different sequences in the workflow use region scraping to save certain information that are used in a later sequence to send a message. Every time there is a break in the workflow due to different errors the data saved in variables from the earlier sequences are lost. Is there a way to store the data in the variables longer so that they are there if i need to rerun certain sequences? My problem is that region scraping are only available once per application as the window its scraping from no longer will appear after clicking Save. So I essentially loose the information.

I hope you understand what I mean…


about #1:
it depends on the element and value. Maybe an element exists with some specific hints within the selector to the occurence of again (like innertext='*again*') could give a more reliable result.

then we can use the returned boolean within a if activity

here we would recommend to invoke workflow files implementing the different flow
also check if flowchart or state machine maybe matches better to your case

about #2:
if Orchestrator is in use, give a try to store the state on an asset under its value
in some cases we have seen that people store the state on the file system (e.g. text file) and do read/update the file during the process execution

Booleans don’t contain text. They have only two possible values: True or False. The “text exists” activity sets the output variable to either True or False. So all you have to do is put that variable into the If condition. If the boolean variable’s value is True, the Then block executes. If it’s False, the Else block executes.