If statement with multiple conditions

Hello i have a question how to do if statement with multiple coditions? I have a condition like:
Cint(DarboDienuSkaicius) < 5+KasmAtostogLikutisInt OR Cint(DarboDienuSkaicius)=5+KasmAtostogLikutisInt AND Cint(PapildAtostogUzStazDarboDienuSkaicius) < PapildAtostogUzStazLikutisInt OR Cint(PapildAtostogUzStazDarboDienuSkaicius)=PapildAtostogUzStazLikutisInt

There are 2 conditions seperated by AND but it’s not working. I don’t know how to seperate it.

You have to group your conditions with brackets.

(Cint(DarboDienuSkaicius) < 5+KasmAtostogLikutisInt OR Cint(DarboDienuSkaicius)=5+KasmAtostogLikutisInt) AND (Cint(PapildAtostogUzStazDarboDienuSkaicius) < PapildAtostogUzStazLikutisInt OR Cint(PapildAtostogUzStazDarboDienuSkaicius)=PapildAtostogUzStazLikutisInt)

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