If statement regarding web popup

Hello everyone.

I have build a flowchart that looks if a popup appears in the browser with the “Element exists” activity.

I am using the robot to run through a website. It has to choose between 4 different codes for each costumer. It works so if there is an error with code 1 it picks code 2. However it stops after it corrects code 1 to code 2. How do I solve the problem, so if there is no error, the robot just continues and does not change the code.


what is the error you are getting?

No error. The robot just ends after 30 seconds, even though i have a lot of activities after the flowchart.

are you able to get the text of the Element exist image with CV activities of course, i mean if get text can retrieve the exactly text, because if it works in this way, you can replace the element exist activity for an an get text activity, and change the if condition for an a getTextVariable.Contains(“anyword in the get text”) and depending from that take a decision

I have tested it with a costumer that already has a transfer on code 1, so the flowchart should pick code 2 instead. And this is working. But i cannot get the robot to continue the activities after the flowchart if there is no error occurring. It seems that the robot gets lost in the flowchart.

then debug you project part by part buddy, and check in which part of the workflow the robot are stopping and why, check the variables, the conditions, and the ways the robot are following

I can get the text with the “CV element exists”. But the error is the same for all four codes. So can the CV element exists handle multiple elements that are the same element? In order to handle this, the robot should only look for an error after the code is chosen i think. Or else it will just look at the same error element as in the error for code1

There is no error. But the robot does not really continue after inserting the right code for code 2 (Which is also the place where no popup should appear, since i have no transfer for code 2). So it seems like the robot does not know how to continue if there is no popup…

maybe a problem in the refresh from CV activities?

Alright. After just waiting for several minutes after the page just stood still for several minutes, it works. The CV screen scope is just extremely slow, and when i have 3 in a row it takes a while to get through them. I think i will have to find a solution to the execution speed.

ok, you can manage this time in properties panel in the element exist activity, the first one is setting the ContinueOnError propertie to True, the second changing the Delay after, the activity will take a wait time after execute, and the TimeOutMS, is the time the activity can wait the element, i think the last will the best option

That helped a lot. I cut the time down from 2 minutes to 28 seconds. Thank you!

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