If statement not working


i am not sure what i am missing here however my if statement is not working the bot keeps going down the else line when it should be going down the then line.

I have done this same methodology before and it has worked fine

can anyone help?


Just write Purchase in IF condition and then try once.

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Hi @nick.v,

The workflow seems fine. Personally, I often forget to put the Output variable in the Image Exists activity, causing the subsequent If to fail even though the image actually exists. Have you checked that?

Hi @lakshman have just tried this an the same result, it keeps going down the else stream even though the image is true

Hi @wesalencar yes it all correct, really don’t know what i am doing wrong here

does anyone else have suggestions i could try?

Is Purchase a boolean variable or a generic maybe (silly question I know - Don’t know if generics can be uses as a boolean also) - Otherwise that looks like it should work.

@roy_r purchase is a boolean variable

What’s in the properties for Image Exists.
I would suggest going through each line step in Debug mode and then looking to see what your variable get’s set to in the locals panel