"If" statement - How can I get If/Else statements Horizontal?

This is probably super basic, but by default studio seems to set if statements with a vertical presentation. The horizontal presentation as shown in the academy tutorials is significantly more appealing. How can I set the “then / else” part of an if statement to appear horizontal as shown in the screenshot above?

Bonus points: can the horizontal presentation be set as default?


My first post was a screenshot of the academy. This is a screenshot of what my “if” statements look like. I have Studio version 2022.10.3.

Hi @Kyle.C

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I like the idea. But its not possible… its ths ui change and …thats is available on a older version only

Only one variation available for you is the classic activity …which you can get by clicking on filter icon in activities panel and select show classic


Hi @Kyle.C

Unfortunately you cant change the “style” of an activity, the if activity changed with the latest update